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Migrate from Bitbucket to Gitlab
Two Months in React
LFU Cache in Python
Update LG G3 to Marshmallow
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Learning React(1): Getting Started
Outage post-mortem: poisonous cookie
Install Windows 10 on ThinkPad X201
Reinstall Netgear N900 firmware with a Mac
Let's Encrypt with SaltStack
Optimizing web performance for static site
Thumb Up or Down: take survey with your hand gesture
The Journey to Yosemite
Bypass the CertPathValidatorException caused by malformed OCSP response
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Adventures in the front-end wonderland
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Using PyRRD to gather system statistics
The Recap of the Certificate in Project Management Program
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The trailing space matters
When nanoc meets IPython
The Taste of the Salt
Please run Selenium with Firefox
strace It
Go, SeaMonkeys
Parsing arguments with docopt
Manage dotfiles using vcsh and mr
The Checklist of Open Sourcing a Python Project
Workflow first
Note Up, powered by TiddlyWiki5
Comcast, you can do better
Hello, nanoc
Six months in Mac
Rants on Windows 8 build
Small pond vs. Big pond
Leaving Microsoft
When it is time to upgrade your computer?
First impression of Arch
Is blogging dying or dead?
HOWTO setup Trac with Mercurial and Nginx
HOWTO setup the Mercurial with Nginx in CentOS 4
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Book Review: Django 1.0 Template Development
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Is get lazily evaluated?
RESTful Django practice
Tip: Reuse Django view in urlconf
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Restart the Django engine
Poor man's NAS
Rewrite WordPress and ZenPhoto for Nginx
Parse HTML file with BeautifulSoup
WYS is not always WYG in python.re
HOWTO: Serve virtual host with Nginx
Move to the new VPS, Yummy
Reverse mashup
Ubiquity - Lowering the threshold for Web mashup
Search Music by humming, not perfect, but feasible
Two plugins in one browser just makes trouble
Is MobileMe the ONE?
When RegEx meets WordML
In memory of the victims of China earthquake
PyAWS 0.3.0 released
AideRSS relieves the pain, fails to cure
Why I hate paid reviews
Enhance Facebook Notes with Greasemonkey
RTFM: the missing dot in CNAME
Stop Abusing SourceForge, Notepad++
Are you naked today?
Django's D-day
Who would be the next water vendor?
Suds makes the soapy world less slippery
Who would be old school python developer?
MiniHOWTO deploy MoinMoin in Jumpline
Bite by MemoryError
HOWTO deploy Django in Jumpline
Put another two eggs in the basket
ID3 tag for programmers
New look for the New Year
Yet another locale problem
Learning Django by Example(12) Tag it in place
Learning Django by Example(11) Attach a tag
Python/SOAP: second encounter
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One up to Python expert (1) - Decorators
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Proud to be a Dojo committer
Programming dojox.chart(7) - dojox.gfx3d landed in the TRUNK
Programming dojox.chart(6) - gfx3d support added
Programming dojox.chart(5) - Naive scientific plotting
Programming dojox.chart(4) - 2D Charts revised
Optimize WordPress in another 4 steps
Learning Django by Example(5): Time to Attack
Learning Django by Example(4): First user authenticated
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Programming dojox.chart (2) - Divide and Conquer
Programming dojox.chart (1) - Design Philosophy
Learning Django by Example(3): Just works
Learning Django by Example(2): Show me your data
Learning Django by Example(1): Start the Engine
Would you like a slice of pie?
Bar3d, proudly powered by dojox.gfx3d
HOWTO translate Gentoo Documentation
dojox.gfx3d alpha2 released
gfx3d alpha1 released
HOWTO extend the life of Gentoo laptop
Let there be light
Moving forward: Cylinder
Dilema of Kernel upgrade
Website remodeled
Small fix for libnjb to transfer Chinese tags
No longer look through the wall
HOWTO Gentoo 2007.0 on Dell 700m
Where is the time machine?
Yet yet another cube
HOWTO display Chinese in Creative ZenMicro using Amarok
Yet another cube
Upgrade to 2.6.20
Before we code, we document
Productivity vs. Performance
Poor man's wireless network
Zen is less Creative in software
C++ Study Note(2): Cast the light to the darkness
Sanitize the kernel, bye-bye Cisco VPN
dojo.gfx 3d proof-of-concept implementation
dojo.gfx 3D support kicks off
HOWTO display sharp Chinese in Gentoo Linux?
Optimize WordPress in 5 steps
Glory of the Old School
Meet Mr. DTrace - Part 4
Meet Mr. DTrace - Part 3
C++ Learning Note(5): Koenig Lookup
Meet Mr. DTrace - Part 2
HOWTO install CELL Environment in Gentoo
Meet Mr. DTrace - Part 1
YouTube On the Go
SUIF2 installation notes
HOWTO secure your Meebo
PyAWS 0.1.0 released
C++ Study Note (3) - typename, class and template
C++ Study Note(1): Size matters
Make it work
One is better than two
Debugging Web(4) - Swiss Army Knives
Debugging Web(3) - Poor man's debugger
Debugging Web(2) - 10 Pitfalls for the JavaScript Developers
Diagnosis of KPilot/Palm's messy text
Glimpse of SC2006: Visualization
Glimpse of SC2006: Acceleration
Prime time for Python in HPC?
Debugging Web(1) - Live HTTP Headers
Simple stupid ZenPhoto
Upgrade to Firefox 2
When Palm meets Linux
Sync Palm via Bluetooth
UPCUnit - A unit test extension for UPC
Google, Web 2.0 Killer?
2nd PGASCON Overview
Intel's Project Runway
Is Gentoo a nightmare to the experienced users?
Python 2.5 is released!
Grid evolution in eBay
Handspring in action
Globus toolkit GRAM overview
Globus Primer on GridWorld 06
Finding bugs
Back to Dell Inspiron 700m
Software Engineering nightmare
All roads lead to Roma
Stroke bug in Dojo2D - 2
TODO for Dojo2D
Skewed rects bug in dojo2D
Stroke bug in Dojo2D
Dojo 2D in the SVN!
RSS feeds on th go
Sync Palm via IrDA
Tor: Beyond anonymous
XPath is awesome
We are moving - Done
Is Google Browser Sync Plugin a troublemaker?
The light of the dark side
TIP: translate FORTRAN array to C
HOWTO setup Dojo 2D testing environment
No.1 KunXi in Google Search
Overweighted Windows XP
Return of the Lex
Can you handle SVG?
TODO after kernel update
Good job, reverse engineer
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Review
SVG + Animation
GNU Cheat sheets
Pitfalls on porting FORTRAN 90 to C
Alert: Never overlook warning
Scratched Creative Zen Micro
Looking for a new host ...
dojo-svg kicks off
CLI Tips
Project runaway...
Time Machine
Time Machine on the Go
Resume is online
TODO List for refactoring the desktop
TIP: Remote access using rxvt-unicode
TIP: eXpose on Gentoo
Addicted to Mac ?
Beyond Inspect
PyAWS on Sf.net
Gelman on Sf.net -- Rejected
HOWTO post C++ code in Wordpress
I am a "Computer Killer"
Playground is setup
Dead 700m, damn Dell ...
Review: Kopete 0.11
C++ Study Notes (4) - template template parameter
USB outage in Dell 700m
Build aBridge with wxGTK 2.6.1
HOWTO import Outlook contacts to KAddressBook
Touchpad outage in Dell 700m
HOWTO Dynamic setup the element's dimension
Passwordless login in HPCL@GWU
Google Transit released
Social engineering rocks
emerge kde 3.5 splitted ebuilds
HOWTO: GWireless on Gentoo
Lame Tungsten T's Sync
HOWTO: Gentoo 2005.1@Dell 700m
Gentoo/Windows dual boot
Farewell, Palm OS
I design, therefore I am
Firewire works in Dell 700m