Ubiquity - Lowering the threshold for Web mashup


Mozilla Lab recently released Ubiquity, it aims to lower the threshold for Web mashup. The following clips demonstrates how Ubiquity works in action:

The 0.1 version is pretty much the prototype, but still quite inspiring. As more and more application have migrated from the desktop to the cloud, some may consider to replicate the OS to WebOS, others try to glue different pieces together to stop reinventing the wheel. Ubiquity takes the second approach, and seems quite promising.

As a die-hard command line user, I really love the simplicity of Ubiquity. And hopefully the following features may emerge later:

  • Wrap another command add prologue and epilogue, glue several commands together for a new functionality.
  • Pipe or we could do this in-place by using Pipe.
  • Drag-n-drop from the Ubiquity to the web page, and vice versa.
  • Nohup, fg, bg and screen full job controls for a quick response for BIG jobs, goes too far?

Any idea of new commands that make your life easier?