PyAWS 0.3.0 released


After 6 months, PyAWS 0.3.0 is eventually released. You can check out the tar ball here.

I almost abandoned this project as I found the XSLT approach is more appealing: ideal for AJAX application and easy to integrate via simplejson in the server side. Furthermore, I joined Microsoft, moved to Canada, and had less spare time to work on less interested hobby work. The last straw is the unexpected complicity of the BIG FAT refactory.

Until recently, I got the email from one PyAWS user, he reported a bug on unexpected result of ListLookup operation. It is so good to hear from some users that this library still benefits somebody in the world. So I picked it up, completed the refactory and released it today. The library still in active development, the code style stinks, the document sucks and most of all, testing is lacking – I would explain it for a little bit here.

I am a big fan of TDD personally, and we have respected testing troops to help building our products in MSFT as well. However, the complexity of PyAWS is far beyond my capacity: there are tens of operations and twenties of response groups, and response groups may combine, that make it extremely difficult to cover all the paths. To make it worse, the AWS is dynamic, there is no guarantee that the consecutive queries would return the same result. I may consider automation to facilitate the unit tests. If you have better ideas, please leave a comment here.