Why I hate paid reviews


As a blogger, we all dream one day we can buy a new car out of the revenue from our websites. At least your dear wife/husband would not regard you totally wasting time on the stupid blogging. But life is not that easy, Google AdSense sucks as most of advertisement network; paid text link would hurt SEO, and eventually kill your revenue in the long run. Thanks god, some generous gentlemen would pay me to write a review, seems they do know what I am really good at.

This just happens inside the blogosphere of China, thanks to Feedsky, the largest Chinese feed management provider(BTW, FeedBurner is GFWed), I read quite a lot about new laptops from Asus and HP. The potential audience is reached, but may have the opposite effect. Because – I hate paid reviews.

Paid reviews are fake, paid reviewers are liars

I really doubt how many reviewers would buy that laptop, use it for several week, and then write a review for only $20. How come you spread word-of-the-mouth without real experience? You are just compromising the trust between you and your readers.

Stop poisoning my feed

Let’s assume some reviewers take it very seriously, salute to you, but do I care about the product or service you are reviewing for? The paid reviews are nothing but the noise in the subscription. We have been fighting email spam, comment spam and traceback spam for a long time, now we may need another Bayesian classifier to filter the post spam. What is the hell?

Do not write paid reviews, something just should not be traded.