Suds makes the soapy world less slippery


In the last post, I was whining about the bumps in the road when trying to consume a SOAP web service using python. Thanks to Olosta’s suggestion, Suds.

The cute yellow rubber duck makes the soapy world less slippery. There is no need to generate execution code using an external tool like wsdl.exe for C#, just load the WSDL in the runtime, the ServiceProxy object would dynamically generate the function calls for you. It still in actively developed, salute to joetel.

Something needs to tailor to adapt to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: the connection persistence. As you may know, the default authentication used in SharePoint web service is NTLM, undocumented, but well known to the public. NTLM authenticates the connection, so in current suds implementation, each method invocation incurs redundant NTLM negotiation-challenge-and-response. I would dig more for this issue; stay tuned.