Stop Abusing SourceForge, Notepad++


I was really shocked and offended when one of friends showed me the “Boycott Beijing 2008” in Notepad++‘s homepage. I respect the developer’s free speech, though I think it is totally wrong:

If you care about the human right in Tibet, come to Tibet and take a look. Do you remember how the media duped the US publicity about the Iraq war?

If you want to boycott the Chinese government with your poisoned prejudice, stop buying anything made in China like my boycott to French products, and leave the Olympic Games alone, the biggest dream for all the people over the world to compete with sports instead of politics.

Regardless, SourceForge is a platform to promote open source movement, not your personal opinion. If you posted in your personal blog, I won’t even bother to demonstrate my disregard at all. Please stop abusing SourceForge, Notepad++.