Migrate to MTP


About nine months ago, I tried to embrace MTP since Creative Lab does not support their own proprietorial protocol(libnjb is the open source implementation) in Windows Vista, and I was really frustrated by the lame upgrade support.

Here is a chance for me to get a 2nd generation Zune which is powered by MTP. Although libmtp is still in very early stage to bridge the gap, we could predict its future from the history.

Amarok supports MTP if the USE flag mtp is enabled. However, the latest stable version 1.4.7-r2 has a bug when transfer file with CJK characters. The bug happens when interfacing with libmtp:

 int ret = LIBMTP_Send_Track_From_File(
- m_device, bundle.url().path().latin1(), trackmeta,
+ m_device, bundle.url().path().local8Bit(), trackmeta,
 progressCallback, this, parent_id

The bug is fixed in SVN (ticket), but if we take non-utf8-locale users into account, for example, MagicLinux takes GB2312 as the default locale, local8Bit may have more flexibility than hard-coded utf8, and it also worked in the UTF8 environment.

Here is the patch , and as usual, an ebuild for Gentoo users (manual).