gfx3d alpha1 released


This alpha release is a non-embarrassing release after huge refactory, ready for the community to review and start commit it to the trunk. This release makes the following major changes:

  • Take OpenGL coordination as the default, i.e the X-axis starts from left to right; the Y-axis starts from bottom to the top; the Z-axis starts from inside to outside of the screen; the orientation is in the left-bottom of the viewport.
  • Add OpenGL-like functions: createTriangles(.., “strip”), createTriangles(.., “fan”), createQuads(.., “strip”), …
  • add setScheduler to Viewport and Scene, so users may override the default zOrder scheduler by bsp.
  • Merge setTexture and setFill to setFill

fix the following bugs:

  • bsp sorting bug
  • Add intensity in ambient light source.

and the following optimization:

  • Optimize the Cube, only three surface are rendered.
  • Optimize the Cylinder to eliminate rendering the back cap

And there are still a long way to go:

  • Verify the coordination system
  • Verify the lighting effects
  • Redraw optimization

Attached is the tar ball, just untar it in $DOJO/all/truck/dojox, gfx3d directory is created, and gfx/lighting.js is overwritten.