PyAWS 0.1.0 released


PyAWS was ready for release for about one week. I just managed to squeeze some time to wrap up the package, develop the web site, and boom, it is released.

PyAWS is a Python wrapper for the latest Amazon Web Service, forked from the code base of pyamazon. This library is intentionally designed for an eBook management tool to fetch the meta data from Amazon. Well, the tool is still in blueprint, I would like to roll up the sleeves after the PyAWS is stable enough.

Currently, PyAWS only supports E-Commerce Service, I hope this library benefits to the community, at least the python developers do not need suffer from traversing the DOM tree any longer. Other services are still in the plan, and last but not the least, they are not free. Once I collect enough fund, or Amazon would grant me the free access to the premium services, I would start coding on that.

Thanks to Comix and feedparser, the Web site is shamelessly copied from the two.