One is better than two


After 2 weeks eBay hunting, I won a unlocked Treo 650 GSM smartphone eventually, I no longer need to carry my shabby Tungsten T and Nokia phone, one is better than two.

This gadget is powered by PalmOS v5.4, Treo Software 1.7b, Firmware 1.51. Palm Inc has recently released one ROM update for the unlocked phone, SW 1.20 for bug fix. I decided to keep up with the service pack. The stability of Treo 650 has always been an issue in the sphere.

I chose the ROM from Hi! PDA forum, the localization and candies for the newbies have been ripped off to optimize the DB Cache. Download, unpack, copy to the SD Card, hard-reset the device, plugin the card, pray, pray…, after several reboot, the device is updated and the phone is still usable, unlocked.

Treo 650 phone info
Treo 650 phone info