Make it work


The KPilot 3.5.5 once worked fine for my Tungsten T, and it still served for the Treo application installation and backup. Unfortunately, the KPilot could not synchronize the TODO or calendar, the kpilotDaemonn just crashed without a trace, in fact that is my fault, the konqi is not installed in my system.

KPilot developers have released 3.5.6, and claimed that it has solved lots of long-lasting bug, including my patch as well. However, the KPilot 3.5.6 depends on >=pilot-link-12.0, while pilot-link is buggy for the python and java binding, which is reverse-dependency of JPilot. Anyway, all of them are masked.

Tim told us “Make it work”, let’s roll the sleeves.

In Gentoo’s bugzilla, #89823 is attached an unofficial ebuild for pilot-link, just copy it to pilot-link-0.12.2. Since we don’t really need the python or java binding, just disable the use flag in package.use and leave the patch where is.

Next, build kpilot-3.5.6, it would not compile for GCC 4.1.1. Em, interesting. The bug is straight-forward anyway, the compiler is just picky in doing const cast. With this patch, it works.

UPDATE Just contacted with kpilot developer, pilot-link has changed the interface in the version bump, so kpilot 3.5.6 is supposed to work fine with pilot-link-0.12.[01], this patch is for pilot-link-0.12.2 only.

Let’s put the pieces together: pilot-link-0.12.2 ebulild, kpilot-3.5.6 ebuild, kpilot-3.5.6-const.patch

Now, KPilot 3.5.6 works fine, but put duplicated appointment when HotSync with Treo 650. That is quite annoying, I would like to use Undup as the work around, then dig into the code later.