Simple stupid ZenPhoto


Before I moved to Globat, I once had Gallery2 to manage my photo albums. The migration is really a pain of ass. Gallery2 minimum installation is 3.9MB bz2 package, since Globat does not support SSH, I have to upload hundreds of small files via FTP. Thanks to lftp developers, we could resume the mirror action after the server timeout, otherwise it looks like a MI:4. Then I imported the database, and run. Gallery insisted me to go though 20 steps to finish the installation, and Bang, a fresh new gallery without any imported photos.

I thought I made some mistakes somewhere, but I was really bored by the versatile heavy-weight application. I don’t need all those advanced features, I just need a simple, stupid light-weight album, and I found ZenPhoto.

The installation tar ball for ZenPhoto is relatively small, 163K. I followed the INSTRUCTION, modified the zp-config.php fit my database setting, uploaded the files, with just two-step installation, I was done. The management console is quite clean:

ZenPhoto console

since all the trivial work, such as add description for the album and photo is done on the fly in AJAX style. that is really cool.

ZenPhoto on the fly

It took me about 1 hour to integrate ZenPhoto to my Wordpress framework, and another 1 hour to hand tune the CSS to make them match. You can take a look at the final result here. And here is a wonderful wordpress plugin name ZenPress to integrate the albums/photos into your post. I would dig it later.

However there are still some problems I could not solve:

  • Annoying mod_write mod_write fails on MSIE, but it works perfect with Firefox. The detailed description is here and here
  • Comment redirection does not work When user leave a comment, the page is supposed to redirect to the previous photo page, however, the header function seems not work.

And some features I am missing:

  • AJAX/Flash based slideshow
  • Password protected albums
  • Akismet integration to stop comments spam