Glimpse of SC2006: Visualization


Boston University visualization demonstration

Data visualization is quite impressive to the novice audience. For example, the demonstration of Boston University made a big buzz in the attendee. The photo shows the snapshot of the interaction of solar wind and magnetic field of earth is simulated and then visualized via opendx, two virtual cameras are placed to generate the 3D effects. Audience need to wear 3D glasses as in the Universal Studio.

NIST visualization demonstration

Another example comes from NIST. This application is used in the medical image processing. The ghost image is more clearer in the simple spirals.

Sun visualization architecture

Data visualization is so essential that Sun develops the distributed environment: a very thin client(left) and dedicated rendering server(right). The user stores the working environment and data in the smart card, once it is plugged in, the server authenticates the user and bring the last environment back. The rendering server is equipped with dedicated nVidia GPUs for the sake of power efficiency.