Upgrade to Firefox 2


Firefox 2 was released two days ago, and I got an upgrade in yesterday’s world update

Built-in spell check This is quite essential for all the bloggers. It marks the typo on the fly, and you can easily add the new word to the dictionary. Unfortunately, I do not find any configuration in the Preference

Search Suggest Yes, I must admit I am a bad speller. The search suggest would help to reduce the key strokes. Google, Yahoo and Answers suggests work out of the box. Other search engine add-on developers may catch on later.

Some joyful surprise:

Javascript 1.7 javascipt 1.7 steals lots of cool features from Python, I would compare them head to head later.

And some annoyance:

Default ugly font The default font is quite ugly(left), you need to override the font and theme in ~/.gtkrc-2.0:

gtk-font-name="Bitstream Vera Font 8"

and restart the Firefox(right).

Firefox 2.0 Preview
Firefox 2.0 Preview

Backspace no longer stands for “Back” The Firefox 2.0 uses a new set of Hotkeys, the Alt - left arrow is assigned to Back, while the Backspace is assigned to Page Up

Update: Thanks to ehh, the solution is in page about.config, change browser.backspace_action to 0.

Memory leak? It is still unclear whether the core or the add-ons have memory leak problem. Is it feasible for Firefox developers to QA the add-ons listed , and issue “Designed for Mozilla Firefox” certification for qualified add-ons?

Firefox memory footprint
Firefox memory footprint