Google, Web 2.0 Killer?


Google just launched the Code Search project, it is still in the cradle of Google Labs, but it works very well, even surpasses some specialized code search service. For example, search upc_all_reduce, which is a collective function call in UPC proposal. Neither Koders or Krugle return any result, but Google Code Search does. Considering the massive amount of page indexes, it is not a surprise.

Google Code Search keeps the universal user-friendly Google interface, simple and sleek, plus the charisma of Google brand; I doubt whether Koders is another Kiko. The start-up companies need not only innovative ideas, but also fast growth before Google enters the field, otherwise, the best solution is to be purchased by Yahoo. Google acts as the Microsoft in the desktop computing environment, it can easily take the lead in a new field; unlike the giant in Redmond, Google achieves it via advantage in information acquiring and querying instead of monopoly in the OS.