Finding bugs


The Dojo 2D API has evolved in the refactoring stage, Eugene completed the 1st stage yesterday. It is time to find, report and fix the bugs:

There are three browsers involved in the testing(from left to right): Firefox on Linux, Opera 9.00 on Linux, MSIE 6.0 w/SP2 on Windows XP(VMWare)

Fill color lost in Opera

Opera managed to draw the basic shapes, manipulate the layout and skew, but fails to render the color:

Firefox, Opera, MSIE render rects

But this is not always the case, for example:

Firefox, Opera, MSIE render polygons

UPDATE: Fixed on r5321.

Pattern rendering in Opera and MSIE

Opera is the only mainstream browser that supports pattern fill. The following screenshot demonstrates how Opera(right) and MSIE(left) render the tiled images:

MSIE, Opera render pattern

The dimension of the image is 96x96, while in pattern the size is specified with width=120, height=96. MSIE stretch the image, while Opera prefers to increase the padding.