Tor: Beyond anonymous


Tor is well known as the anonymous Internet communication network, the common practice is to bind tor with privoxy for the anonymous network surfing.

How Tor Works
How Tor Works

Beyond of this, tor also open a tunnel on the firewall. Suppose you live in but the port 6667 is blocked by the firewall. You can torify irssi to using the hidden service, and keep you IP private, — one stone kills two birds!

Add this line to /etc/tor/torrc

 mapaddress mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion

Run irssi in torified mode:

 torify irssi

In irssi, conn to access If you don’t have the privilege to access /etc/tor/torrc, you need socat to relay the tor network to your local socket proxy:

socat TCP4-LISTEN:6667,fork SOCKS4A:localhost:6ua4nhltph56henu.onion:6667,socksport=9050

Then you can run irssi and conn localhost.

There is a more detailed HOWTO about the onion router.