RSS feeds on th go


I spend 3 - 5 hours for transportation weekly, and spend at least 40 minutes to browse/read the subscripted RSS feeds daily. What if I could utilize the trivial time in the metro to read something I am really interested in?

Here is one “just works” solution. Install Sunrise in the computer, and Plucker in the Palm. Export my favorite feeds from the RSS reader in OPML format, and import it to Sunrise which would synchronize the feeds and convert them to Plucker format later.

Import OPML
Import OPML

Download PDB files via kpilot to my Palm via IrDA. It works, but it involves in TOO MUCH interactivity with the users, you wanna catch the bus or not?

What I need is a cron job running in the background, check, convert and save. Whenever I do a HotSync, the files are updated; or just simply beam them to my Palm. Here is my proposal to work it around:

  • Develop a RSS fetcher/parser using RSS for Python to fetch the contents.
  • Develop a wrapper to invoke official Plucker Desktop to convert them to Plucker PDB
  • Develop a file synchronization plugin for KPilot
  • Customize a script to beam the files
  • Develop a init script to glue them together

Any suggestions?