Overweighted Windows XP


With WINE and WineTools, it is a piece of cake to install the MSIE 6 in Linux, however, VML, the only feature I need, is missing in the WINE emulation. So I decide to install Windows in one 3G partition, – this configuration is proved to be a big mistake later.

After installation, the first thing is to upgrade all drivers. Windows XP does not support the Chipset(855GM), Video adapter(ATI Mobile Radeon 9000), Ethernet(BroadCom 570x GigaE), Wireless(BroadCom 4306), Sound Card(SigmaTel) with 1.5G WINDOWS.

Then I installed some necessary software applications( Mozilla Firefox, TortoiseSVN, GVIM, Chinese Font ), I only had 672M free space left. Yes, I have disabled the virtual memory, and released all the caches for Firefox and MSIE. Still I could not execute the last step, Windows XP SP2 upgrade due to the low free space. Without SP2, I even could not upgrade to MSIE 7.0 b2.

End of story.

UPDATE: at the end, I installed the VMWare trial version, download the Windows XP Professional w/ SP2 from here, setup the Windows XP on /home/vmware with 8G initial disk size. It took a little while to setup the shared folder and virtual NAT network, now the test platform is fully functional.