dojo-svg kicks off


Before this project is launched, dojo’s developers have made significant progress to explore how to integrate SVG support. Another candidate for the back-end render engine is VML. There are two projects in dojo SoC 2006, dojo-svg & dojo-vml, a universal interface is developed to glue the Gfx API and various back-end rendering engine. I prefer dojo-svg, since VML is only rendered within Microsoft Internet Explorer, while SVG is supported natively by Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, or any browsers with Adobe SVG plugin.

SVG is a complicated protocol, current specification is 1.1, v1.2 draft is still in progress. The good news is I don’t need to implement all the features of the specification, current work is still a proof of correctness. Here is a snapshot of the current achievement.

dojo-svg Snapshot 06/26/2006