TODO List for refactoring the desktop


Here is incomplete TODO list for better experience of current FVWM desktop

And here is a longer TODO list for the whole system:

  • Rsysnc Tiger $HOME with Monkey
  • Traffic shape for Mldonkey using tcng
  • Mldonkey plugin for Mozilla Firefox
  • Cache-coherent MPD
  • Zero conference of synchronizing Palm with Kontact w/ IrDA and USB
  • KMail w/ GMail Compaq PA-10 support in Linux Kernel 2.6.x
  • Python binding for libusb?
  • Fuse support
  • Yahoo Widget, Apple Dashboard porting
  • Yahoo Music Unlimited in Wine, w/ Jack, mencoder to rip WMA music to MP3
  • More VIM plugins
  • Gelman developed by PyKDE
  • PyAWS development