Time Machine on the Go


In the last post, we have described the magic of SVN. Now suppose the following scenario:

  • You travel a lot, and have to work offline in the flight frequently.
  • You are a insane SVN user, the members in the team are quite annoyed by thousands of commit-notification, since most of them are quite trivial.

SVK is designed as the decentralized version control tool. It works as the front end of SVN, CVS, Arch and other version control system. SVK’s syntax is almost the same as SVN.

SVK adds three distinct command to do the job:

  • svn mirror – Mirror the remote SVN repository to the local depot
  • svn push – Commit the latest local depot to the remote repository
  • svn pull – Get the copy from the remote repository

SVK is still quite new to me. I would like to update this post later.