Project runaway...


Google is so nice to use “Not Selected” instead of “Rejected” in the ranking my proposals. It just reminds my that Intel China replied my job application with the title” Rejection letter”, thanks god, they did not capitalize all letters. :-)

In all of the projects I’ve proposed, the favorite one is the collaboration of KDEPIM and Google calendar. I was a little sad yesterday, since I thought it was a really good approach to address that problem until I found one student proposed almost the same way and accepted. Ok, it is good to see my idea is adopted even though I could not execute the idea. I might work on KDE GTD just for fun in this summer.

UPDATE: Dojo offers me two mentors for my proposal, highly possible without funding, I think I would take it.

UPDATE: Dojo manages to get the sponsorship from Mozilla Foundation and SitePen.