Playground is setup


The ECE Lab upgraded the computing facilities recently, and they dumped all the old computers in the hall way, free to pickup. Last week, I dig into them and managed to collect components from different computers and put them together for only one Dell OptiPlex workstation:

  • Pentium-III 1.0GHz
  • 512M PC133 SDRAM
  • 13G Harddisk
  • CD-Writer
  • Zip

I would like to setup this Linux box as my private playground for Zope 3 and Plone.

  • emerge Gentoo
  • emerge Zope, Plone
  • Setup the router to forward the port 80 to this linux box
  • Register one FreeDNS service, and leave the dynIP in the crontab.
  • In DreamHost “Domain Management” tab, forward ”” to “”.
  • Wait for about 2-3 hours, and direct your favorite to

Here is still one problem. Whenever is accessed, it is eventually redirected to Is any way to hide the intermediate dynamic domain?