Build aBridge with wxGTK 2.6.1


aBridge is one of open-source bridge applications based upon wxWindows 2.4.1, no longer maintained. Hope somebody would pick up the work.

Well, it looks like several users have problem to compile abridge. It takes me a little while to locate the problem, until I read this post, wxWidgets with unicode is flaky. My wxGTK is compiled with unicode and gtk2 support:

[ebuild U ] x11-libs/wxGTK-2.6.2-r1 [2.6.1] +X -debug +doc -gnome -joystick -odbc +opengl +sdl +unicode 14,160 kB

And I tested the setting with this. Yes, we can tell it is the unicode support. OK, just disable it in aclocal.m4.

Compile … several obsolete functions are used, replace them with alternatives… Compile … Redo the previous … Compile … Link … Oops, another link error:

undefined reference to `pango_x_get_context`

Google, and find this, add pango setting to aclocal.m4:

WX_LIBS_ONLY="`$WX_CONFIG_WITH_ARGS --libs --unicode=no`"
PANGO_LIBS="`pkg-config --libs pangox`"

Is this a bug for wxGTK? I don’t know. Make… Run…, it works.

Time to put every pieces together, download abridge-0.4.0-wxGTK-2.6.1.diff, and apply it to the original source code:

cd abridge-0.4.0
patch -p1

Feel free to develop the ebuild based upon my work.